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            The Bible presents life’s evils without sugarcoating them.  We gloss over them.  Is it any wonder that our faith seems superficial to thinking and feeling unbelievers?  Nowhere is this contrast more apparent than in Matthew’s account of the birth of Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »

Michael Lawrence has written both a fine introduction to biblical theology and also an apologetic for its centrality in the ministry.  The work is readable, has helpful reviews throughout, and an annotated bibliography, but will the evangelical church listen? Read the rest of this entry »

Truth and beauty in the Bible and theology, truth and beauty in literature, truth and beauty in history and culture (and movies are a crucial part of our culture) these will be the themes to which this blog will return time and again.  My plan is to write posts and even series of posts on the Psalms, spirituality, interpretation of biblical passages and favorite authors such as Athanasius, Anselm of Canterbury, C. S. Lewis, Chesterton, Charles Williams, and Russell Kirk, theological perspectives on contemporary culture, and help for skeptics (Doubting Thomas is my favorite apostle).  I invite you to join with me.