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A badly mutilated body buried in another person’s grave, the theft of an emerald necklace, a cipher, French underclothing, multiple murders and deaths, bigamy, a massive flood, and the mysterious role of Tailor Paul, a large bell—all go in to making Nine Tailors to be often considered the finest of Dorothy’s Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey mystery novels. Read the rest of this entry »

Sexual sin is so predominantly the sin in the minds of many that the words “lust” and “immorality” are understood to refer exclusively to it.  This error led Dorothy Sayers to title her essay on the seven deadly sins “The Other Six Deadly Sins.”[1] The consequences of this error are so extensive that they need to be exposed before we can even begin to discuss the sin of sexual lust.  We’ll look at the two most deleterious consequences. Read the rest of this entry »